Live Dealer Casino GamesLive Dealer Roulette delivers a fantastic land-based gaming opportunity at online casinos. The game features a real dealer and includes all the popular options available with online Roulette. Not only does this make it more enjoyable with wider betting options, but it also features fair results that are provided by the dealer that can be seen at all times.

Developers such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, Ezugi Gaming, and many others have designed various online Roulette games, which are mostly based on European Roulette. All of these Roulette games feature standard game rules, many betting options, game options, and massive table limits. The games are available 24 hours a day and many game styles are available from each developer.

Anyone can play online live Roulette at an online casino that provides the game selection of developers that Roulette onlineprovide live dealer games. Live Roulette has become one of the most popular options with live dealers as an exciting and fast gaming opportunity is delivered. The best part is that there will always be a seat waiting for you as these developers can provide unlimited tables. This means the days of squeezing between other players and struggling to place all the bets you want, is a thing of the past. Finally, all players have an exclusive betting opportunity that is sure to suit all from beginners to pros.

The online casino market is still somewhat strange for some players are they are unaware of all the features and options available. Live Dealer Roulette is a very attractive opportunity for players, which is why we have created this article. Here you will not online learn how live Roulette works and what the benefits are, but we have also included some of the best strategies and tips.

How does Live Roulette Work?

All those developers mentioned above and many others own studios around the world, which include Malta, Canada, and many other countries. In these studios, you will find casino game tables from a land-based casino. However, instead of having players at the table, these games have cameras pointed at them.
These cameras capture the dealer and the table in a shot, which is shared via the internet with live streaming. This means the players connected to the table see the dealer and the game in real time, which is how some dealers have the ability to greet you by name when joining the table. These cameras allow players to see everything that happens in the game and what the dealer does. Most live Roulette games provide multiple camera angles, which changes the view depending on what’s currently going on in the game. For example, while betting, you will see the table and the dealer, but once the ball is in motion, you will see a view of the wheel to watch as the results take place.

Some developers have also added more angles and offer a slow-motion view of how the ball came to a stop in the winning position. In many ways, these camera angles create a betting gaming experience than that of a land-based casino as you will never miss any results or how they took place.

To place a wager on the table, you will find there are 2 possible options, which once again depends on the developer you’ve selected. Some offer betting with a virtual table below the live video, meaning you choose a bet and place it in the position desired on a 2D image below the live video. Others have created a betting layover on the table that appears in the video. Players still need to choose a chip value, but here you can place it on the actual table. This makes it a lot more life-like. All betting opportunities are timed as multiple players bet on the same time at a time. Usually, 60 seconds are allowed, which is more than enough time as you can simply click on all the positions where you would like to wager.

Once the betting time has run out, the dealer will set the ball in motion, and the view changes to the wheel. Once it comes to a stop, the results will be pointed out on the table, and the dealer will also announce it. Your winnings are added to your account instantly, and the next betting round will begin. Since wagering and payouts are done virtually, you will find the game is played much faster than land-based based casinos as you don’t have to wait for the dealer to distribute chips to new players, work out the results for winnings, or help players place bets on busy tables.

Betting Options and Features of Live Roulette

As mentioned, these tables are based on European Roulette. There are a few developers that provide both French and American Roulette as well, but in most live casinos, European is the game on offer. These tables provide the lowest odds, and the most betting options, which is why they are the most popular.

Live Roulette tables provide wider limits than land-based games, meaning new players can wager less and high rollers can bet huge amounts and still not come anywhere near the limits. You will also find restrictions not common with live dealer Roulette, meaning you can place the minimum bet on all the options, including numbers and even money bets. The table will also not limit you as to how much you can wager at a time, but some will have limits on the amount you can wager per number, which is still massive values.

These tables offer all the betting options of a standard Roulette table. This means you can wager on single numbers, split between numbers, place bets on corners, street bets, column bets, as well as even money bets such as colors, high and low numbers, 12’s, odds and even, and many more. All of these betting options provide the same payouts as you would find in a land-based casino, which makes the game 100% fair, and enjoyable. Strategies are also popular with these games as players can take full advantage of the rewards available.

Most developers have included the racetrack betting options as well, which is not used very often, but popular with some professionals. This is usually an option that needs to be activated in the pay table, which will then appear and allow players to wager.

The betting panel provides many options that can be used by all players. This includes stats that tells you the game history for the last 10 or more hands, what the hot and cold numbers are, and many other things that can be used to determine your next wager.

Live Roulette Tips

Roulette is one of a kind and provides great advantages for players to enjoy. However, for new players, making a mistake can be quite easy, which results in low profits or making a loss even when you have wagered on the winning number, which is why it’s important to understand how the payouts work.

When looking at the payouts available, you will find the highest winning is 35:1, which means for every chip you place on a winning number, you will receive 35 more chips as your reward. This is very attractive and could result in huge winnings. However, betting on just one number would be risky, to say the least as your odds would be around 37 to 1 as there are 36 numbers plus zero.

This is why players wager on multiple numbers and use other betting options such as split between numbers or corners. This allows you to use fewer chips to cover more numbers, but it also decreases the payout. However, when playing Roulette, you need to always wager in a way to cover many numbers, but also leave room for profit. For example, if you bet on straight numbers to reach the 35:1 payout, you would need to cover as many numbers as possible, but still, leave a few open for profit.

If you bet on all the numbers including zero, you would wager 37 chips. You would win every hand, but actually, lose 2 chips per round. Now, let’s say you leave out 5 numbers, but cover all the others. This means you are betting 32 chips and would win 35 plus your winning bet for each winning wager. This will provide a profit of 3 chips bet round. However, hitting a number that hasn’t been covered would result in a huge loss, which is why players use bets that cover more numbers. The winnings are a bit less, but they cover more numbers, which reduces your risk.

Live Roulette Betting Strategies

Once you’ve worked out the best possible betting positions, which covers most numbers and provides a profit, you would need to find a way to ensure those possible losing hands are also covered. This will ensure you gain the best possible rewards, and should your system fail in a round, you will cover those losses with your betting strategy. There are a few strategies to choose from, but to avoid going into a difficult betting system, we recommending the Labouchere system for beginners.


The Labouchere system features winnings by re-wagering the amount you’ve lost along with new a new betting value. However, to use this system is it recommended to wagered on even money winnings such as odds and even, colors, or high low as other bets can become quite confusing and reach huge values when combined with this strategy.

Create a row of numbers on a notepad on your PC or with a pen. For example, use 6 numbers to start with, which will give you a fair idea of how it works and you will be able to build confidence in it before moving on to larger numbers and bigger rows. Once you have your numbers (111111), you need to choose a value for 1 unit. For new players, use minimum bet while trying out the system as you might be required to use multiple units per bet at a later stage.

Start off by adding the first and last numbers of your row together and wager the amount it adds up to (111111), which equals 2. Place 2 on an even money betting option and make sure the bet you choose is one you can stick with for the entire system. In other words, do not change your bet from red to black or shift to high-low betting while using the system.

If the first bet loses, you would add the losing amount of numbers to the end of your row (1111112). Your next bet would now be 3 units as the first and last numbers once again need to be added together. However, with each combination you win, you would cross off the numbers involved. For example, should you win the second bet of 3 units, you would draw a line through to first 1 and the 2. The next bet will ouldthen be 2 as you would use the next available 1 and the last available 1. Each time you lose, do not cross off any numbers and add the losing value to the end of your row.

The system is very easy to use and provides great winning opportunities for those who complete the row of numbers. Should you win the first time on all the numbers, you would have doubled your winnings, which allows you to once again create a row of numbers, and further increase your profits.

It’s very important to complete the row of numbers before stopping as a mid-way stop could result in a loss as you would not cover your winnings by repeating the wager. Once you’ve used the system a few times, you can increase your bets by using higher numbers and longer rows or by simply increasing the value of each unit. However, always ensure the value of each unit is the same as it could become difficult to keep track of if different values are used.