Find the best casino bonuses

Different kind of casino bonusesOnline casinos have found ways to grant players additional advantages, which can’t be found at land-based casinos. There are many bonus types to enjoy that will give you anything from free spins to free cash from the moment you create an account with the casino. These bonuses have been proven to be a major plus point for players and provide real benefits to the experience at the casino.

Over the years, these bonuses and promotions have reached new levels and provide new exciting game opportunities. These bonuses are not aimed only for slots can also be found for table games such as live dealer games and much more, giving all players a great opportunity to activate the benefits of these additions.
In this article, we look at the most impressive features offered by online casinos. We will go into detail about what each bonus means, how they work, and what their benefits are while also covering the relevant terms and conditions commonly found with these bonuses and what players need to do to achieve the requirements.

No Deposit Bonuses – play for free!

No deposit bonus for Casino No deposit bonuses are offered by many casinos, but not all of them. These promotions have been created to give you a better reason to join with the casino as they trust their game selection to be enough to make you deposit, which is why there are willing to risk their own cash and give you a free cash opportunity with actual funds or free spins that produce real cash.

No deposit bonuses are given to players after a new account has been created. Some casinos add £10 to your account as a no deposit bonus, allowing the players to explore the game selection and wager on a few slots. Most casinos only allow video slots to be played with this bonus where others will allow virtual table games. There are also a few casinos that use these bonuses to promote their live dealer games, enabling you to wager on these games with a free bonus.

Slots also commonly include free spin bonuses, which are different those you can activate in the slot as these are given by the casino. The free spin bonuses you receive by the casino allow you to play the standard game and have the opportunities to trigger the bonus feature in the slot such as free spins. Commonly, these bonuses range from 10 free spins up to 50 free spins and could have additional terms and condition, such as winning limits, time limits, and games. Winning limit caps a number of bonus funds you can win with no deposit free spins, time limits tell you how long you have to play all the free spins, and game limits provide you with the games you can play. Some of these bonuses are not cashable, meaning no matter how much you win or if you reach the wager requirements, the winnings cannot be withdrawn.

No deposit bonuses are there to give players an opportunity to enjoy the casino before a deposit is made. Players should use it to try out their features, test the support, see what games they offer, access the mobile site, and play some free spin there, and check out everything else that’s important to you as a player. Be sure to play all the no deposit bonus funds before making a deposit at the casino as some will include the wager requirements needed for the no deposit bonus along with your deposit amount. However, this is not a term with all casinos as most keep the wager requires separate of all bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses – Get more money to play for!

Deposit bonuses are either the first or second bonus you will receive at an online casino, which depends if the casino has a no deposit bonus on offer. A deposit bonus is also commonly referred to as a welcome bonus at the casino as this is a package meant for new players only. Almost all casinos have these on offer and those that don’t usually don’t offer casino bonuses at all.

A deposit bonus is somewhat self-explanatory as it is a gift given to you when making a deposit. These are not fixed amounts as it works on the amount of cash you deposit while the bonus is active. Most casinos will activate the bonus for you and will require a special request to deactivate the bonus before making a deposit. However, if you choose to accept the bonus, the additional bonus cash will be added to your account instantly as soon as the deposit has been approved.

A typical deposit bonus includes a percentage of how much the casino will include on top of your deposit amount. For example, a 100% bonus means they will double your funds, a 200% bonus means they will triple your deposit amount, and so on. The promotion will also include a cash value in your currency, which is the limit of your deposit amount. For example, a casino bonus such as 100% up to £200 means the bonus is accepted up to the amount of £200. Players do have the ability to deposit more funds, but any amount over £200 will not include a 100% match. All the funds up to £200 will be doubled, meaning the maximum bonus amount is, therefore, £200 in addition to your £200 deposit, giving you an account balance of £400. Most casinos will only require a deposit amount of £20, which is acceptable for the bonus, meaning it will be doubled.

Commonly, these bonuses also include free spins to boost the attractiveness of the promotion even more. This means you will receive the bonus funds from the promotion and free spins are added to your account, which could include anything from an instant 20 free spins through to 200 free spins given to you over the next 10 days. These free spins are different from no deposit free spins as they can be used on just about any of their slots unless stipulated otherwise by the promotion. The terms and conditions of these promotions are a lot less complicated than those of a no deposit bonus. Players will simply need to achieve the wager requirements to make a withdrawal, and the casino might include a withdraw limit on some bonuses. Some casinos require additional action to be taken with these bonuses, which isn’t a common factor with most online casinos. Some will even allow you to withdraw your deposited funds, but then you will lose the remainder of your bonus.

There are some casinos that choose to set wagering requirements as low as 20x while other will require up to 50x or above. If you find a casino with low wager requirements, be sure to check if it includes both the deposit amount and bonus amount as this will effectively be much higher due to the fact that bonus your values are being used. Casinos with higher amounts usually only require wagering on the deposit amount. However, at the end of the day, they are basically the same thing unless you come across a casino that provides huge deposit bonus percentages, in which case the wagering will be incredibly high either way.

Free spins usually fall under the same play through requirements as the welcome bonus as this is considered bonus funds of that promotion. This means the free spin winnings are added to your account as bonus funds, which are kept separate from the regular account funds. Players will also need to wager through these funds before they can be withdrawn. This will increase the wager requirements, but also boost your account balance, meaning you can wager higher and win bigger to get the amount decreased. Some casinos do not have any wager requirements when it comes to their free spin winnings, which is a major advantage for players.

Deposit bonuses are great for all players as they provide a massive benefit to your gaming experience. There are a few limits you need to be aware of, which are usually applied to the games played to achieve the wagering. This includes the limit applied to take games, live dealer games, specialty games, and even some video slots. Most casinos will not restrict these games, but simply decrease the percentage they contribute to the wagering amount.

Wager Requirements (Play Through Requirements)

Wager requirements is a term and condition all online casino bonuses have in common as this is the only way to stop players from accepting a bonus and making a withdrawal before playing any games. As you can imagine, this would force the casino to close their online doors within a few days as all players would simply take advantage of the free cash.

However, they have come up with ways to easily keep things fair for both parties. Players get their free cash, the casino gains a new player, and both are pleased with the additional features and services received. The play-through requirements are the perfect way to share the risk involved as the casino is giving away free cash, but they also know the bonuses need to be fair otherwise players simply won’t join. There might be a few casinos that take advantage if hiding their bonuses, but most just play fair and keep to the rules.

To provide an example of wager requirements, we would need to create a bonus as an example. If you join a casino and they provide a match bonus of 100% up to the value of £100, it means that you will receive double your deposit amount in bonuses. For example, if you deposit £50, the casino will add another £50 as the bonus. Assuming that only the bonus amount needs to be wagered, and requirements from 30x are applied to the bonus amount, you would need to multiply these values with each other to see the total that needs to be achieved before withdrawals can be arranged. The deposit of £50 x 30 = £1,500, which might seem like a huge amount, but players need to remember that winnings will also take place while playing the games, which is added to your account. This means each time you hit an impressive win, those funds can be used towards wagering by spinning more.

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions of the bonus before accepting as some games do not contribute 100% towards these requirements. For example, some casinos only allow 50% of the wager value to be deducted from the total requirement as these games have a higher return to player RTP) value. Certain table games, which includes live dealer games usually only provide about 10% towards wagering, if they contribute anything at all, which means they can’t be played with the bonus funds.

Slots and other games that provide 100% towards the requirements are the best to use to achieve these winnings. Most casinos open their entire video slot selection for players to enjoy, meaning as a slot player you will not be limited. Because these games contribute 100%, it means that each spin will lower the requirements. If you play a game with a total bet per spin of £10.00, it means that the requirements are decreased by £10.00 with every spin, irrespective of how much you win. This goes for any wager amount, including minimum bet.

These casino bonuses can be used to play any games most of the time, which includes progressive jackpot slots. Players have the ability to activate massive winnings with casino bonuses and easily reach the requirements. For example, if you bet high and win £2,000 before finishing your wager requirements, all the funds that remain in your account can be withdrawn or played on any of the games seen as the casino. Once the terms and conditions have been met, there are no limits that apply to your account, other than withdrawal limits, which doesn’t stop you from taking the full amount, as they can only stop you from withdrawing all the funds at once, meaning you can request the same withdrawal again the next day or week.

Why do Casino Provide Bonuses?

There are many questions surrounding why online casinos provide bonuses such as those mentioned above. Some would say they provide these bonuses to have reasons not to payout, which might have been true in the past, but with the license agreements of today, this is a thing of the past as these casinos have to provide ethical requirements. Casinos could suffer fines and even lose their licenses if they don’t provide the exact terms and conditions and stick to them.

The answer that makes the most sense in this regard is the fact that online casinos need to stand out and provide players with a reason to join their casino. Some choose to keep their bonuses low as some players prefer to have low wager requirements while other offer huge bonuses to give players a lasting game opportunity and provide real winnings as betting values increase.

There are also many only casinos that compete against each other to get more players, which requires a lot more than just good gaming platforms, secure banking, and everything else these casinos have on offer. A good promotion in the mix simply increases the opportunities to achieve these requirements wanted by players. At the same time, the bonus also needs to be impressive and offer more benefits than the others, which ranges from the value of the bonus through to the wager requirements.

Online casinos have become very fair with bonuses and withdrawals as more and more websites have become available to point out complaints against casinos, which can be seen by anyone. Not only does this mean the casino would lose players, but their marketing teams also withdraw as they don’t want to be involved with casinos that could give their personal websites a bad name, making online gaming a much safer gaming opportunity for all players.

So, to sum up, online casinos provide bonuses and promotions to give players a unique gaming opportunity that includes more options to choose from while also opening their complete gaming platform with these bonuses. Some online casinos are providing exclusive bonuses when you reach a higher level on their VIP or loyalty program, which not only delivers bigger bonuses but also offers lower wager requirements, making it easier for players to complete the wagering and enjoy the ability to play table games or withdraw the funds.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses simply provide a much larger bonus amount, which usually includes a higher percentage and deposit amount. This means players that deposit less than a certain value will not be able to access these bonuses. High roller bonuses are fairly popular in online casinos and provide players with huge benefits when it comes to betting large. The wager requirements include the same percentages, but because these values are higher, the value is also much greater than explained above. However, with players wagering huge amounts per spin, the requirements are reached the same way as regular players and normal sized bonuses.

Below we look at some popular online bonuses at casinos and what they have on offer. We will also include the wager requirements for each bonus. Players will find the values as higher, but conditions stay the same, making it a great bonus for those of you interested in taking advantage of the opportunities to win big.

VIP and Loyalty Programs

VIP and loyalty programs are popular with online casinos as it gives the player a reason to come back and play more at the casino. These are reward programs that offer all types of benefits that aren’t available to other members who haven’t achieved the same level. Attractive rewards for a bigger VIP level includes bigger bonuses such as high roller bonuses that are exclusive to you. There are also exclusive free spins for new games, super-fast banking options, and much more.

Casinos that provide these bonuses all include benefits of their own. These programs require points to hit the next level, which can be achieved by making a deposit or playing games. All casinos provide detailed information about their loyalty point programs and how players can achieve them. Most will start you off by giving you 10 coins for every £10 deposited or wagered.