Free Spins – No Deposit Bonus

Free spin no deposit bonuses have become a lot more popular over the last few years as players have the opportunity to accept these bonuses by simply creating an account. There are bonuses offered by certain casinos, allowing you to play their games for free and win reach cash. The bonus winnings can then be used to play other slots at the casino, meaning a free spin bonus is basically a double bonus and can provide a lot more bonus cash in your account than a regular no deposit bonus.

These promotions are most popular with NetEnt and Microgaming casinos, but others have also been known to offer these bonuses. Casinos that include multiple developers that includes one of the mentioned developers also include this popular bonus option, making it the most popular n deposit bonus options available. These benefits are only available at online casinos, allowing them to attract more players.

No deposit bonuses are extremely valuable as players get to play games and have the opportunity of winning reach cash without having to risk any of their own funds. However, a no deposit bonus is meant to provide a preview for the casino and their games, but some have made it possible to cash the bonus funds after wagering has been completed. Casinos that include no deposit free spin bonuses also offer match bonuses, reload bonuses, and many others to benefit from as more free cash is added to your account.

In this article, we look at no deposit bonuses as free spins and cash rewards. We cover all you need to know about these bonuses, how they work, and the terms and conditions they commonly include. Readers will have a much better understanding of these bonuses and why they are worth accepting from some casinos.

Free Spins as No Deposit Bonus

As mentioned, there are more than one no deposit bonus available, of which free spins are the most popular. Casinos usually offer 10 to 60 free spins with a no deposit promotion, allowing players a great opportunity to check out their games without risking real cash. These promotions are used to get players to sign up and for part of their casinos. Once you’ve created an account, the free spins are added, and players can enjoy the games they provide.

In most cases, the casino would have selected a game from their selection for the free spins to be played. This would include one of their most popular slots or one of their latest game options. Some have also included multiple games to choose from, allowing players to use the free spins on any slot within the selection.

Once the free spin promotion has been played, the bonus winnings from those free spins will be available in your account. These can usually be used on any of the games at the casino, excluding some table games, a few slots, live dealer games, video Poker, and any other games with high payout rates. This information can be viewed in terms and conditions of the no deposit bonus at any time.

These casino free spins are different to free spins you activate in a video slot as these allow you to play the regular game for free and still have the opportunity to activate the free spin bonus feature in the slot. This means you get to enjoy the full benefit of the slot on the free spin feature with a betting system that casino has selected. Most casinos use minimum bet for these free spins as a no deposit bonus. However, highly impressive winnings can still be reached with minimum bet, especially when bonus features are activated.

Other No Deposit Bonuses

While free spin no deposit bonuses might be the most popular and profitable, there are many casinos that choose to provide a no deposit cash bonus. These bonuses provide a small amount of cash to your account when registration has been completed. These values range from $10 up to $25 with most casinos, which can then be used to play games at the casino.
The benefit of these bonuses is that you aren’t limited to a few games directly after registration. This means you can play any of their video slots as soon as you’ve registered, and any bet value can be used.

No deposit cash bonuses are also used to provide a gaming opportunity with sports betting or table games. The casino would include similar values as the no deposit bonus that can then be used to play a few rounds of live dealer table games or to place a bet on their favourite team with upcoming matches. This is where the no deposit cash bonus has the biggest advantage as free spins are only available on video slots, meaning the bonus cash you receive from free spins can only be used on free spins.

No Deposit Free Spins vs. Bonus Cash

Both of the bonuses have their benefits, but it depends what the bonus can be used for and what you intend doing with it. For those of you interested in playing only video slots, both bonuses are attractive, but free spins provide more benefits and a great gaming opportunity.

Free spins allow you to try out the most popular slots after joining the casinos. Once they have been played, the bonus winnings from those free spins are the same as a no deposit cash bonus. However, the main difference is that free spins usually generate more bonus cash than what the casino would offer with a cash bonus. For example, most casinos would provide up to $25 for a cash bonus while free spins could generate up to $100 or more.

If you are interested in playing table games, seeing how the live dealer cash works, or placing a bet on a match at a casino that provides a no deposit cash bonus for those games, a cash bonus would be the best. These bonuses would be targeted for those games only, meaning the cash bonus cannot be used on video slots or any other game other than what the bonus was created for.

No Deposit Bonus General Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are important for all players as all types of limits can apply. This is especially important for those of you interested in turning the bonus funds into cash that can be withdrawn or used on any games you choose. The terms and conditions are shown within the casino terms and conditions, or the bonus would have a range of terms and conditions of their own. Some casinos have made it a lot more difficult to find, which doesn’t mean anything bad, but can be annoying when you simply want to see the smaller details of the bonus. However, here we give you all the information you need to look for before accepting a bonus from any casino.

Can You Withdraw the Bonus?

Each bonus, including cash and free spin bonuses, will either be cashable or non-cashable. If the bonus is cashable, it means if you can reach the wager requirements, the bonus cash will become real cash that can be withdrawn from the casino. Non-cashable bonuses are simply there to give you a tour around the casino and allow you to play a few games. This should be seen as fun cash at the casino that allows you to play the games as you would for real money. Most casino bonuses these days are cashable, as many players aren’t interested in non-cashable bonuses. However, all online casinos will require players to make a deposit before bonus winnings can be withdrawn. This is to ensure the correct bank details are provided. Also, note that wager requirements must be 100% completed and no other bonuses can be active on your account at the time with of withdrawal.

How Long Can You Use the Bonus?

Many casinos limit the term as to how long you can use the no deposit bonus. This is applied to both free spin winnings and cash bonuses. Some would only allow a few days or weeks for the bonus whereas others provide a few months. There are also a few casinos that allow you to take as long as you’d like with the no deposit bonus, but this is fairly uncommon. Once again, any time limits can be found within the terms and conditions. These would state that the bonus would expire a certain amount of days after it has been accepted, which is usually listed in days, such as 60 or 90 days. Should you have some of bonus cash remaining in your account after making a deposit, only the bonus cash from the no deposit bonus will be removed when the time has run out. However, we recommend playing all the bonus cash before making a cash deposit as some casinos would still run the wager requirements on the no deposit bonus as well as the match bonus if anything was accepted.

What Games Can You Play?

As mentioned, casinos might limit the games you can play with free spins, but this can also apply to bonus cash won with free spins or with cash bonuses. The excluded slots usually consist of those with high payout rates or slots with progressive jackpots. Most casinos also don’t allow wagering to take place on table games, scratch cards, or any other games other than slots. The casinos that do allow table games and other games to be played will provide information about them in T’s and C’s as well. Here you are presented with percentages of what each game type will contribute to the wager requirements. Games with higher payout rates will provide lower percentages to the wager requirements.
For example, slots that count 100% towards wagering will remove the total bet amount from the wager requirements. If you bet $10.00, then that amount will be removed from the requirements. However, if you play other games that only subtract 10% of the bet amount, it means the wagering would only drop $1.00 with a $10.00 bet. This would take a lot longer to reach the wagering, but at least players still have the options.

How Much Bonus Cash Can You Win?

One of the most common limits applied to a no deposit bonus is win limits. These limits state that you can only win a certain amount from free spins. These limits are still high and well worth the effort, though. Other casinos make the casino cashable, but limit the amount you can withdraw. This is also very important as players who hope to win big will be disappointed when trying to make a withdrawal or when hoping to play other games with the bonus funds received from the free spin bonuses. Win limits can also be found with cash bonuses, limiting players from obtaining huge amounts of cash with a lucky spin.

Wager Requirements

Wagering requirements or Playthrough requirements form part of any casino bonus unless stated differently. These requirements are used to ensure players play games a certain amount before withdrawing their winnings created by any bonus received by the casino.

There are casinos that will allow a withdrawal to take place before wagering has been completed, but in these cases, the bonus funds are removed from your account, and only the available cash in the account is able to be withdrawn. In your account, you will see 2 amounts. This will include your cash balance and your bonus balance. The cash balance is the amount that can be withdrawn at any time. Upon completion of the wagering that is required, the bonus amount will also be able to be withdrawn if playing under a bonus that is able to be cashed out.

Casinos without Wagering Requirements

Some Casinos nowadays offers free spins promotions with no wagering requirements. This is a really nice promotion that we recommend if you find a promotion like that. The Casinos below generally offer wagering-free free spins:
Rizk Casino
Thrills Casino
Kaboo Casino

Where to Find Wager Requirements for a Bonus?

In the terms and conditions of the bonus, you will find there is lots of information regarding things mentioned above and the playthrough requirements. Most casinos give players a multiplier value for these requirements, which is very high most of the time with no deposit bonuses. This is because the casino is carrying all the risk as no deposit has been made from the player.

For the example, we will use 50x wagering for the bonus. Now, before you know how much wagering is needed, you need to play the free spins and get your reward value first. For the example, we will assume a total of $50 has been obtained with free spins. To work out the requirements, multiply the bonus value by the wager requirements ($50 x 50 = $2,500). This means you need to play games until a total of $2,500 has been wagered.

This doesn’t mean you need to win $2,500; it means you need to bet on games to the value of $2,500. Many of you would be wondering how that’s possible when you only have an account balance of $50. Keep in mind that while you are playing slots, the game will reward you for combinations and bonus features. Those winnings are added to your bonus account until wagering is complete. Those winnings can also be used to reach wagering requirements.

Each spin made decreases the value you need to reach. Let’s assume you use a bet of $5.00 per spin on a slot, and the game deducts 100% of the bet from wagering, it means after just 1 spin, the wagering requirements would have decreased to $2,495. A $5.00 spin is considered a high bet, on any game, which could result in a $500.00 win quite easily. In fact, some games can offer double or even triple that with combinations, not to mention bonus games.

Many players have managed to reach the wager requirements of a no deposit bonus by simply playing the right game at the right time, but many casinos offering these bonuses have much higher wagering needs, making it a lot more difficult to reach. For example, the same bonus with wager requirements of 80x would mean a total of $4,000 needs to be reached. There are also come casinos that require much lower wagering requirements, but this all depends on their game selection and the games players can enjoy with the no deposit bonus on offer.

Casinos provide your progress information in one of 2 ways, which gives you the progress status of your wager requirements. Most, also include any limits that apply, meaning it will show you how many days remain to reach the wagering. As for the playthrough, you can expect to find either a percentage of value. The percentage consists of the whole value, meaning $25 needs to be wagered before 1% will be completed on $2,500 wager requirements. The other uncommon display is the actual $2,500 value, and it shows the amount decreasing as you play. This information will be available for all players who have accepted any bonuses, which are separated from any other promotions you’ve accepted.

Free Spins as a Deposit Bonus

Once you’ve played with your no deposit free spins, it’s likely that the casino will provide more free spins with a match bonus. However, the terms and conditions change drastically as the player would need to make a deposit to receive those free spins. These free spins will also be accommodated with a match bonus, giving players a huge amount of bonus funds to play with.
For example, a common match bonus offer with free spins would include 100% up to $100 plus 100 free spins. Firstly, players would receive double their deposit with the 100% match bonus, which is already a great addition, but with 100 free spins, the bonus value can reach huge amounts. Some casinos would provide these free spins over a number of days, allowing players to enjoy 20 free spins for 5 consecutive days for example. Some casinos also provide up to 200 or more free spins with the first deposit.

The terms and conditions are unlikely to have any limitations of the bonus winnings other than game limitations. However, the bonuses will be cashable and time limits only apply to how long you have to use all the free spins. If any bonus time limits apply, players can expect 30 to 90-day limits, but this will depend on the casino and the promotion they have created.
Wager requirements are much lower on match bonus free spins. Some casinos do not require wagering on their free spins while other only require up to 50x. This makes it a lot easier to reach as the deposit funds, free spin cash, and match bonus can be used to reach the values required.

Free Spins as a Game Feature

Casino free spins as mentioned above are different from bonus feature free spins players can activate in a video slot. Casino free spins are used to play the standard game, meaning players can activate the free spin bonus while using casino free spins.

In game free spins need to be activated with special symbols on the reels. These are usually scatters, or bonus symbols that need to either appear in specific positions on the reels or anywhere on the reels as long as 3 or more are seen at a time. Each game has their own way of activating a free spin bonus, which can be seen within the paytable of the slot.
Once the free spins have been activated, the feature will inform you about how many free spins have been won along with any additional multipliers or bonus winnings. For example, you will receive 10 free spins with expanding wilds, and all winnings are multiplied by 3x. These free spins use the bet value from the activating spin to multiply winnings to your currency. These free spins and casino free spins are very different from each other, but both have the ability to provide massive winnings.