How to play Lotto Online

Online LottoOnline lottery has become a huge success as players have the ability to play from anywhere and purchase tickets for the most popular lotteries worldwide. There are many huge winnings to take part in, and even if you don’t win the mega jackpot, there are still many life changing values to benefit from.

Lottery has been around for a lot longer than most people think. If fact, some forms of lottery date back to the 14th century. Lottery systems have been used all along to assist government to raise money for various reasons. This includes the Great Wall of China and many other things in history. The first lotteries offered players prizes with valuable items instead of cash. It wasn’t until many years after the first lottery that cash awards were included.

Today, lotteries are available in most countries with their own prizes and reward opportunities. Some offer multiple rewards while others simply include a few very high jackpots values. Ticket prices have always been within reasons, and the value of the jackpot naturally increases as more players buy tickets. Lotteries have grown considerably, which is why hundreds of millions are up for grabs these days.

Most Popular Lotteries

The most popular lotteries have always been the ones with the biggest jackpot prizes, which is why American and European lotteries have become so popular. There are also many U.K. lotteries that have reached large values, but to date, the MegaMillions and EuroMillions have been the biggest with hundreds of millions in prizes.

The lotteries mentioned below offer some of the most popular features and rules along with huge values that can be reached. Many of these have also presented massive winnings, which include instant millionaire statuses with all the biggest jackpots. However, many of these also offer millions in rewards even when you don’t hit the main jackpot.


Powerball is a world famous American lottery that has offered some of the biggest winnings in the history of Powerball online lotteryLottery games. The largest jackpot took place in 2016 when an incredible $1.5 million was triggered by 3 lucky winning tickets.

Powerball is easy to play and now available to interested players from around the world since online sites that sell tickets have become available. The Powerball ticket purchase includes various options, including regular Powerball that requires 5 normal numbers and 1 bonus number per ticket along with an additional option that multiplies the rewards of non-jackpot tickets.

To play, all you need is to be of the right age, which ranges from a minimum age of 18 to 21, which depends on where you are in the world. The ticket prices come with a flat rate of $2 and provide the additional multiplier option for an additional $1 per ticket.

The Powerball has been around since 1988, which was known as the Lotto America until 1992. Jackpot prizes start at $40 million but reach incredible values when the jackpot has not been won, which is then rolled over to the next week. After a few weeks of rolling over, huge winnings such as the single ticket win of $590 million become possible. The game is offered twice a week, which includes Wednesdays and Saturdays at 22:59.


MegaMillions online lotteryMegaMillions is the second most popular lottery in the US that has also become available for players all over the world in recent years. The lottery has been available since 1996, which was launched as The Big Game. In 2002, the name was changed to MegaMillions, which is what it became known as for its massive payouts and features. To date, the biggest winning was $656 million, which was awarded in March 2012.

MegaMillions includes an easy to play gaming opportunity that everyone can benefit from. There are multiple payouts of which the biggest is the Mega jackpot that begins at $15 million. The second highest jackpot starts off with a guaranteed $1 million. Players need to choose 5 standard numbers from 75 possible numbers, along with 1 MegaBall, which is a bonus ball that includes 15 options.

The game also includes additional features such as the MegaPlier, which requires an additional $1.00 above the regular $1.00 price per ticket. The MegaPlier provides a multiplied reward opportunity for winnings that are not Mega Jackpot winnings. This means the guaranteed $1 million can offer anything from $2 million to $5 million with the winnings. The multiplier values range from 1 to 5 for any winnings below first prize.
The draws take place twice a week and offer significant winnings in each draw. Players can purchase tickets online for draws held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 23:00 EST. These might seem like odds days but has been set this way to allow players to take part in the Powerball, which is broadcast on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


The EuroJackpot lottery is one of the latest multi-national lottery games that is also available for online purchase from around the world. The lottery has only been around since 2013 and has already made a name for itself as the lottery with the highest winning odds. Unlike those mentioned above, EuroJackpot requires users to choose more balls, but from a smaller selection. In addition, they have also increased the number of payment levels, giving players more reward opportunities.

The jackpot values range from €10 million all the way up to €90 million, which all depends on a number of players and how often the jackpot has rolled over. Ticket prices are €2.00, but includes a buy one get one free promotion that has been available since the beginning. Players need to choose 5 numbers from 50 and another 2 numbers from 10, which are known as the lucky star balls. The jackpot is rewarded to players who get all 5 white balls along with both lucky star balls. The lowest payout is granted for just 2 regular balls and 1 lucky star ball, while it also includes 10 other payment levels to benefit from.

The EuroJackpot only takes place once a week on a Friday at 21:00. All players are welcome to purchase tickets as long as you are 18 or 21 in some parts around the world. Those who buy tickets online will be able to buy tickets through a vendor who buys the tickets for you in one of the countries where the EuroJackpot is played in Europe.


EuroMillions is one of the most impressive lotteries available due to the massive jackpots offered and the fact that all winnings are tax-free. It has been available since 2004, making it the second multi-national lotteries in the world. The only lottery that also offered winnings to multiple countries is the Viking lottery, which doesn’t provide victories anywhere close to that of the EuroMillions lottery.

One of the features that makes the EuroMillions so impressive is the rollover amounts. This has been chanced multiple times over the years, but in 2009, the final rollover rules were set in place and included that the jackpot value may not exceed €185 million. However, once that jackpot amount is triggered, the limit will be increased by €5 million. As some of you might already know, the value as been reached multiple times, which has produced some of the highest winnings, including an incredible win of €190 million.

To play the game, all you need is €2.00 and your lucky numbers, which would include your numbers in the next draw that tables place on a Tuesday and again on Friday. There are 50 regular balls and 12 lucky star balls to choose from, which need to include a total of 7 numbers (5 regular and 2 lucky star balls).

The fact that the draw takes place twice a week is one of the reasons the jackpot amount has the ability to reach such incredible values. Each time the jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the next draw, increasing the jackpot winnings by mega amounts. This also offers a benefit to all other players who don’t win the jackpot as rollover amounts that exceed the limits will be shared among the smaller pots.

U.K. Lottery

The U.K. Lottery is one of the few that are not managed by the government. This lottery is offered by a group called Camelot, who has been providing tremendous reward opportunities to the country since they obtained a license in 1994. The group has also developed many other lottery style games, which gives players more options and features to take advantage of. This also makes the U.K. lottery very unique and provides a great range of rewards.

The regular U.K. Lottery is played with a 6/59 plus 1 configuration, which is the easiest way to choose numbers and win. Players simply need to choose 6 numbers that range from 1 to 59. Should you have a ticket that includes all 6 of these numbers, the jackpot amount will be yours. Furthermore, the draw will choose an additional 7th number, which is used to provide another rewarding opportunity for players that obtain winnings below the jackpot level.

There are multiple ways to win the in this lottery, which includes having 5, 4, 3, or 2 matching numbers at a time. This gives all players the ability to activate great winnings even though the jackpot has not been activated. The U.K. Lottery jackpot starts off at £2 million and has the rollover feature seen with those mentioned above as well. This allows the value to increase drastically in value while offering players on other winning levels higher prizes as well. The jackpot has rolled over multiple time in the last, which has even resulted in rewards of £66 million.

How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

The internet allows us to do all types of things, purchases services, and much more. This now also includes lottery tickets for any lottery around the world. This means you can be in America and buy tickets for the EuroMillions lottery or any other lottery for that matter.

This is possible as online vendors within the countries where the lotteries are taking place buy your tickets for you. This means you can choose your numbers, use the quick pick options, and even apply multipliers to your game from anywhere in the world. The ticket prices remain the same, meaning those of you buying from other countries will have the funds converted to the currency of the lottery. For example, if you are in the US, and want to buy U.K. Lottery tickets, it would cost more than $2.00 to cover the £2.00 fee.

The online lottery has been questioned multiple times, but winnings have always been paid, which has allowed players to take full advantage and trust that their winnings will be awarded to them. The winnings are paid directly into your bank account, making it easy and secure for all players.

Online Lottery Tips

As with all forms of gambling, you need to ensure that you are safe and secure, which is why online lottery sites have the highest levels of security, which ensures your tickets remain safe, your funds reach your bank account and much more. There are also a few vendors that have created apps for their lottery services, allowing players to buy tickets, check up on scores, and enjoy the other features presented.

To play the lottery and increase your chances of winning, there are a few things you can consider doing. First, think about playing a lottery with lower odds, which would include lotteries that are less famous and offer smaller values. These games provide much better odds of winning, even if it is just smaller payouts.
However, if you want to go all out and take on the big millions, you would need to buy additional tickets to increase your winning opportunities. For those of you interested in keeping the purchase price low, we recommend looking at lotteries such as EuroJackpot that offer you a buy one get one free deal.