Play Keno onlineKeno is a world-famous lottery styled game that can be enjoyed at land-based casinos and online casinos. However, land-based casinos have made this an even such as Bingo, meaning it’s not widely popular as table games or video slots. However, online casinos have managed to present the game in a whole new way by offering virtual gaming opportunities as well as live dealer games, which presents real a dealer and the game in a live video stream where players can wager on achieve winnings.

The game was created in China, and it’s believed that it was used in a lottery styled system to raise funds for the war. The funds gathered from the game was used to complete the wall of China, which is just another part of the game that makes it extremely popular. From China, the game was introduced to the west when the Chinese sailed over to assist in the construction of roads, during which it became known by the name Puck-Apu.
The game continued traveling, which by 1866 was well-known in casinos around Texas.

The game is very easy to play and provides a range of interested reward opportunities. As mentioned, this is very similar to a lottery, meaning players get to choose numbers and receive winnings if a certain amount of those numbers appear in the draw. However, Keno provides more numbers and allows players to choose more numbers.

Regular Keno uses 80 numbers in total, ranging in order from 1 to 80. Most games allow players to choose 10 to 20 numbers, which makes a huge difference in winnings as well. Some games require at least 5 numbers to be matched while other need more. However, once again this is dependent on how many numbers have been selected. The more numbers you get in, the higher your winnings will be. Online casinos use a random number generator to provide fair results and land-based casinos usually have the number spun around to mix them up and offer fair winnings.

The game can accommodate many players at the same time, and it is possible for more than one player to win. Unlike the lottery, the winnings are not divided among 2 winning players as both will receive the same reward. The game uses fixed winning, allowing players to see what their opportunities are before wagering. Online games also allow you to choose different wager values that do have an effect on your rewards as winnings are granted in coins.

Keno Odds

The odds of getting a certain amount of all in the game vary in percentages, which has an effect of your winnings, especially for those of you applying a strategy such as progressive betting to the game. Since there are 80 possible numbers and you only choose 20 of those, the chances of getting all 20 numbers correctly go all the way to up 1 in 3.5 quintillion, which seems near impossible, but yet it has happened.

However, players who play Keno choose to aim for smaller amounts of correct numbers, which still include great winnings, especially when considering how low the betting options are. In fact, when you look at the odds, you will find the chances of getting 0 numbers to match is much less than 1% (0.11%), which has happened to all Keno players. The odds of getting just one number to match is 1.15%, for example, getting 2 numbers to match provides odds of 4.97%, 3 numbers 12.48%, 4 numbers 20.5%, 5 numbers 23.32%, and from there the odds once again lower at a steady pace. For example, the odds of getting 6 numbers to match is 19.01%, 7 numbers have odds of 11.32%, 8 numbers 4.98%, 9 numbers 1.62%, and finally, getting 10 numbers to match has odds of 0.39%.
With these odds being much higher for the mid-section of the game, you will find it counts in your favor to use a strategy as more than 5 numbers don’t often appear even though the odds are one of the highest.

The payouts for most keno games range from 5 to 10 numbers, meaning when you get at least 5 numbers, you will receive a reward. Should you managed to get 10 numbers, you will receive a huge jackpot. An average game will double you bet amount for 5 matching numbers, and offer thousands in winnings for 10 matching numbers, getting anything from 6 to 9 also provides great winnings as they increase in value as you get more and more numbers matched.

Keno Progressive Strategy

As mentioned above, you will be faced with multiple rounds that don’t offer any rewards, which results in a loss. However, there are many professionals that use a progressive betting system in the game, which allows them to cover their losses with rounds that only provide 5 number (double the bet amount) but also includes huge winning opportunities for games that offer more than 5 numbers.

The system is easy to use, especially with games that provide bet levels and coin values. Place your first bet with a low value and choose your numbers. It’s recommended to keep to the same pattern why playing a strategy otherwise you would be chasing numbers and not achieve any winnings.

Should you win the first round, feel free to change your pattern, but keep your bet to the same amount. Only when a losing hand comes along would you increase your bet to the next denomination. Unlike the Martingale or other progressive betting systems, you will not need to double up in each round as this would simply reach huge values. The point of the system is to win more than you would have with minimum bet after a few losing hands, which brings back some of the losses but opens the opportunities to achieve massive winnings should more than 5 numbers appear. Each time you increase the bet to the next denomination, you increase the coin of each winning you achieve as well. However, after a win, it is important to return to a lower bet and not increase until a losing hand is presented.